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A Santa Barbara local'sfavorite, opal restaurant & bar infuses an Eclectic California Cuisine with creative influences from around the World.

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We are passionate about creating fresh, original, and above all delicious food. That's why we call our menu eclectic: we source the finest ingredients and create innovative taste combinations, sometimes familiar, sometimes adventurous, always flavorful!

Opal Restaurant & Bar, A Santa Barbara Favorite

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Opal Restaurant & Bar

A local’s favorite, opal restaurant and bar infuses an Eclectic California Cuisine with creative influences from around the World. Our chefs use the freshest of ingredients to create dishes inspired by the colorful multi-cultural heritage of America, often with an Asian flair.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021


Hello everyone- we have all been appreciating the re-opening of our businesses in an unrestricted fashion, and here at opal our goal is always to create a wonderful evening out with great food, drink, and company. But we have an equally important mission, to make sure we do so in a manner you can feel comfortable is safe as well as enjoyable.


Staff here at opal are all vaccinated but our local health department has issued a mask mandate for everyone inside a business, so at this time all staff will be masked, and we are tasked with requiring everyone to wear a mask whenever you are inside.  But of course you may dine mask free when at your table as has always been the case during this time.


Bar service is currently fully open, though we have limited bar space available.


At this time, we once again have indoor and outdoor seating, though with some limitations.  On our outdoor heated parklet and sidewalk dining area we have created a warm, welcoming, and savory experience for you and your guests.


Our Dinner hours are now 5-9 pm Sunday-Thursday and 5-10 pm Friday and Saturday.


We are normally open for takeout, either pickup or delivery (though delivery options may change, based on the day of the week: see below for more details if there are changes) and although we usually have online ordering options for either pickup or delivery, so that you can enjoy a wonderful meal from us at home.


Your safety and comfort are always the most important considerations for us and guide our seating decisions. This is especially true now as the weather doesn't seem to follow the usual pattern lately, and challenging weather situations which arise may affect outside dining. Consequently, our ability to offer outside dining will be based on the weather, and we will update this page daily with that information, which follows below:


Tonight, September 26, no rain is forecast for the evening, so we will be able to serve you outside tonight, if desired, with our heaters going to keep you warm if needed. Our outside parklet has a roof so you should be protected in any case. To reserve online please click on the Proceed to Site link below and then reservations or call us at 805-966-9676 to inquire about availability and reserve a spot if we have an opening at the time you would like. 


For pickup, State Street is partially blocked but there is limited parking available by approaching State Street from Arlington Avenue.


Before we list tonight's specials, we have an exciting change to our menu:


opal is now offering Gluten Free Pasta as an alternative choice on any of our pasta dishes. After trying several products we decided on a corn-based Fusilli Pasta, so please feel free to ask your server to substitute this if you have a Gluten Sensitivity or Allergy. We are still assessing demand, so please be aware that there may occasionally be a longer preparation time until we know what to expect on an ongoing basis. For the time being, this will only be available for on-site dining but we will try to make it available for takeout as well in the future. On a final note, however, a majority of our regular dishes are already gluten-free or can easily be made so, both for on-site dining or takeout.


Here are the specials for 9-26-21.


Soup Special: Homemade Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Ginger Shrimp   9.95  Nightly specials available for Pickup or On-Site Dining only


Starter Special: Wild Mushroom Enchilada on Spicy Roasted Tomato Sauce. Filled with Shitake and Oyster Mushrooms, Fire-Roasted Peppers, Spinach, and Smoked Mozzarella. Accompanied by a side Caesar Salad. 14.95 Nightly specials available for pickup when available or On-Site dining only


Fresh Fish: Blackened Fresh Wild King Salmon on a Tomatillo Sauce. On Spanish Rice with a Fresh Avocado Salsa and Fresh Seasonal Vegetables 36.95 Nightly specials available for Pickup or On-site Dining only


Weekly Cheesecake Special: Homemade Organic Blueberry Cheesecake with Creme Anglaise and a Fresh Berry Coulis 11.95


Our entire menu is available for takeout via the menu links below.


Pickup Menu


Delivery Menu


Dinner and Cocktail Menu


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opal's cocktail specials!


Summer Cocktails!


Bourbon Blast:  Jim Beam bourbon, strawberry puree, fresh lemon, lime, pineapple juice and basil  $13


Blackberry Mint Fizz:  Gin, blackberry puree, fresh lime juice, mint and Revel Kombucha $14


Ginger Mint Paloma:  Sauza Hornitos reposado tequila, ginger, mint, agave nectar, fresh grapefruit and lime juice  $14


Passion Fruit Martini: Vodka, Passoa passion fruit liqueur, fresh orange and pineapple juice  $14


Hot Buttered Bourbon Bulleit Bourbon, house made holiday spiced butter, whipped cream, cinnamon $13


Opal Favorites


Opal Martini...A Perfect “10”  Tito’s vodka, tanqueray “10” gin, gorgonzola olive $15


Mandarin Ginger Cosmo  Hanger One Mandarin vodka, ginger, triple sec, cranberry, lime juice $15


Opal Old Fashioned  Makers Mark bourbon, caramelized orange, luxardo cherry $13


Blackberry Jalapeno Margarita  Ghost tequila, blackberry puree, lime juice, cuarenta y tres, jalapeno $13


The Clooney  Chopin vodka, cranberry, brown sugar, cucumber, ginger, lemon $13


Blood Orange Greyhound  Absolut vodka, blood orange, grapefruit juice $13


We appreciate everyone’s support and friendship and look forward to having you dine with us again very soon!


Tina and Richard


Partners, opal restaurant & bar