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For all large groups we require some sort of limited menu. For Dinner at, opal restaurant and bar, we have a minimum price of at least $39 per person, pre-tax and tip, and excluding alcohol. At Lunch the minimum is $17.50 per person, pre-tax and tip, and excluding alcohol.

Other than the minimum, our banquet menus have a set price per person, which is based on the number of courses, menu items chosen, and the time of your party’s reservation. There is a range of price points for our banquet menus so please call for pricing information.

With a full bar and wine list, opal restaurant and bar, can accommodate any level of alcoholic beverage service from a no-host bar to fully hosted bar and wine service. We do recommend some degree of hosting, and require that we provide all beverages, alcoholic and otherwise, at our normal rates.

Other than your menu and beverages, the other factor influencing cost is whether you desire a private room. See our Facilities section for more information about private dining.

To book a large group or banquet (17 or more guests), please contact our banquet management team for more details by clicking on the Banquet inquiries tab below and filling out the Banquet Contact Form there.